Aging In Place

Safely living in your "Home Sweet Home" until you're 100+

Why not live in your own home forever?

This book gives complete instructions to the safe and healthy way to successfully make that happen. This book is for every adult who doesn't want to live in a senior community, their adult children, caregivers, and retirees building or remodeling their retirement homes.

You will discover the tips to:

  • Find support to make your stay easier and happier.
  • Finding the money to make your home user friendly.

Donna Christner-Lile is an expert at finding the right combination for seniors and their caregivers to live in harmony. She is a consultant to hundreds of seniors and their families and has been quoted throughout the United States in numerous publications. She brings her practical guidance to audiences and individuals alike in her speaking engagements.

This book is your reference manual for successfully living at home forever.

96 Pages
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